Razer Onza Tournament Edition

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Resistance is Futile - The Razer Onza Tournament edition is here!

The Razer Onza Tournament Edition controller for Xbox 360 is a beast of a controller. It features an awesome graphic and some of the smoothest controls you are ever likely to use.

The Onza controller has earned a plethora of awards and compliments from the gaming community from the likes of Gizmodo, GameInformer, Engadget and more.

Razer Onza tournament is for the hardcore gamer

The standard Xbox controller is great. In fact, when it launched it was a master piece, but now you have to bow to the might of the deadliest xbox controller in town. In addition to the “normal” Razer Onza controller, the tournament edition boasts adjustable resistance on the analogue sticks, backlighting and a non-slip rubberized surface texture

Reasons to by the Buy Razer Onza Tournament Edition

Razer have carved themselves a reputation bordering on 'Godlike' among PC gamer fans with their well constructed and well designed accessories. The Onza tournament edition follows in that tradition as part of the overall Onza range which is being used by top gamers the world over.

With Adjustable analog stick tension (Set by dials under the stick) and a second set of bindable shoulder buttons, the Onza has features which are outragous for a controller of this price, allowing for precision gaming on a relatively small budget.

This controller is SO good, MLG Banned the Razer Onza controller from its tournaments!

What Razer Say

The Razer Onza TE gaming controller for Xbox 360 is designed to give professional gamers the competitive edge by bringing maximum customizability to the Xbox 360 controller. Featuring adjustable resistance on both analog sticks and putting two fully programmable Multi-Function Buttons (MFB) at the fingertips, the Razer Onza TE allows every professional gamer to tweak the controller to their individual preferences.

- Razer

N.B. Headset Products with side flap connectors will not fit.

Tired of getting fragged and PWND? Give the Razer Onza Tournament edition a Try, step up your game with a controller that's so good it should be outlawed.

User score: 7/10
Critic score: 9/10
Overall score 8.0/10

Technical Information

Controller Features include:
Remap buttons - multi function buttons
Adjustable analogue stick tension
Second set of shoulder buttons
Razer Hyperesponse™ buttons
Non-slip rubber coating
Additional lighting on the Hyperesponse action buttons A,B,X,Y
Quick release connector
2.5mm microphone jack