Creative SB Recon3D Omega Wireless Headset

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The Ultimate Wireless Cross-Platform Gaming Headset and Audio Processor

Creative Soundblaster Omega Headphones with the Recon 3D Unit.

The Ultimate Wireless Cross-Platform Gaming Headset

Powered by the revolutionary Sound Core3D™ quad-core sound and voice processor, the Sound Blaster Recon3D Omega Wireless audio system heralds the beginning of a new era in gaming audio. It packs amazing audio processing power previously available only in internal PC audio card solutions into a stylish and powerful wireless gaming audio system for your Xbox 360®, Playstation® 3, PC or Mac®. Hardware accelerated THX® TruStudio Pro™ technologies greatly enhance ordinary gaming audio leaving standard 5.1 and 7.1 audio systems in the dust. Once you've experienced the power of Sound Core3D hardware accelerated gaming audio, you'll never settle for anything less. Join the legion of 400 million Sound Blaster users and prepare yourself for truly legendary quality gaming audio.

The Recon 3D

The Recon 3D is the Soundblaster audio Processing unit for audiophiles on xbox.

The whole thing is driven by an all new Sound Core3D™ quad-core sound and voice processor. This "Creative SB1300 Recon 3D V0.3 Sound processor" is a breakthrough USB audio enhancer that brings ultimate gaming sound to the Xbox 360. Teamed up with sound blaster (or any other good headsets) the Creative SB1300 Recon 3D will transform your listening and gaming experience into not just a different league but probably into a whole different universe.

Features like the scout mode are just crazy, it actually lets you hear enemies better over the top of background noise. The Creative SB1300 Recon 3D V0.3 Sound processor is full of tricks like that.

From Sound Blaster:

hardware-accelerated THX® TruStudio Pro™ and Dolby® Digital decoding it transforms even basic stereo sound into exhilarating 3D surround audio on your headset or speakers. Hear your enemies before they hear you with the proprietary Scout Mode™, which tunes your hearing to your advantage on the battlefield. Calibrate and save every aspect of your audio settings directly to the Recon3D unit for use on any platform

So why buy this?

  • The scout mode
  • The crystal voice settings
  • The exculsive software
  • The programmable profiles

It's not only a sound enhancer, but rather it's a box of audio tricks that will not only a) improve your listening experience, or b) help you win games but it will also keep you entertained for hours just setting it up, tweaking, adjusting and enjoying every little aspect of the unit.

User score: 9/10
Critic score: 10/10
Overall score 9.5/10

Technical Information

Headphone Driver Units
50mm Neodymium magnet
Headphone Frequency Response
20Hz ~ 20kHz
Headphone Impedance
Microphone Microphone Type:
Noise Canceling Condenser
Microphone Frequency Response:
80Hz ~ 14kHz
Microphone Impedance
Microphone Sensitivity: